Roku Agreement

Comcast and Roku reached an agreement months after the launch of NBCUniversal`s Peacock streaming service. Peacock will be available for broadcast on Roku in the coming weeks. Peacock started nationwide on July 15, but until now it was not available on Roku as well as Amazon Fire TV. WarnerMedias HBO Max is still not available on Roku and Fire TV due to disagreements over deals. “Roku is an important partner and we hope to reach an agreement quickly,” said a charter manager at The TV Answerman, who said Roku added the charter app in 2015 for the first time. “Despite our best efforts to reach an agreement, Roku did not accept Spectrum`s offer to continue our contract, which allowed customers to access the Spectrum TV app from Roku devices,” Charter said. Roku and NBCU reached an agreement Friday afternoon that will allow access to the Peacock app on streaming platform readers and Roku-enabled TVs. In addition, the companies renewed their agreement to retain 46 NBCU broadcast and wiring apps on Roku, after the media company threatened to pull them out this weekend because of the Peacock dispute. As Roku and Spectrum were unable to agree on the renewal of the contract, Roku removed the Spectrum TV app from the Roku Channel Store, preventing new downloads.

A spokesman for Roku responded in a statement: “As America`s #1 streaming platform, we are committed to providing our users with access to amazing streaming content of exceptional value. Our contract with Charter for the distribution of the SpectrumTV channel (v) MVPD on the Roku platform has expired and we are working together to reach a positive and mutually beneficial distribution agreement. All current users of the SpectrumTV app can continue to use the app while we work together on renewal. Roku confirmed that it was working with Charter to secure a new agreement and reiterated that all current SpectrumTV users still have full access to the app. “We are pleased to have reached an agreement with Comcast that will bring Peacock to Roku customers and maintain access to NBCU`s TV Everywhere applications,” said a Roku spokesperson. “We look forward to offering these new options to consumers as part of a broader and mutually beneficial relationship between our businesses, including the addition of NBC content to the Roku channel and a judicious partnership around advertising. For months, neither Roku nor Comcast were able to agree on aspects of the agreement. Much of it was related to the advertising inventory. This refers to the percentage of ads Roku takes control of once they are provided on its platform. On Roku`s website, the company says a channel controls 70 percent of its advertising fleet, while Roku controls the remaining 30 percent. Despite the votes against, which both sides brought to the table, neither Roku, Comcast nor the NBCUniversal team considered them fair.

“Despite our best efforts to reach an agreement, Roku did not accept Spectrum`s offer to continue our contract, which allowed customers to access the Spectrum TV app from Roku devices. This change may prevent new downloads of the Spectrum TV app on your Roku device, but you can still access your full video library by downloading the TV Spectrum app to your Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV, Xbox, smartphone or tablet,” Spectrum wrote in a statement on its website. At the beginning of this year, Roku was in similar disagreement with AT-T and removed the AT-T TV app from its platform. The two companies finally agreed to reintroduce the AT-T TV app to the roku Channel Store in May. Due to the timing, we have speculated that the launch of HBO Max was related to the deal, but while the ATT TV app is back, they have not yet agreed to bring HBO Max to Roku. Roku, which ended the third quarter of 2020 with 46 million active accounts, and WarnerMedia have not yet reached an agreement for HBO Max, with warnerMedia unwilling to sell HBO Max via The Roku Channel, Rokus aggregation service for services