Agreement Switzerland Eu

In particular because of the threat of suspension of cohesion payments that Switzerland will have to pay to the new EU Member States over the next ten years, the EU should also have an interest in such an agreement. The Council of States and the National Council agreed on the amount of CHF 1.3 billion for cohesion payments, but made payments conditional on the EU`s omission of discriminatory measures such as the withdrawal of Swiss stock exchange equivalence. 2. The unemployment insurance contributions of frontier workers in Switzerland, as provided for in the respective bilateral agreements, shall continue to be reimbursed. 1. This Convention shall be ratified or approved by the Contracting Parties in accordance with their own procedures. It will enter into force on the first day of the second month following the last deposit of the instruments of ratification or approval of the following seven agreements: these bilateral agreements between the EU and Switzerland are currently managed by some twenty joint committees. Failure to negotiate the treaty would have negative consequences for Switzerland and would entail an incalculable risk. On the one hand, it would be impossible to conclude new market access agreements with the EU and, on the other hand, there could even be a risk of abandonment or suspension of existing agreements. The EU and Switzerland meet regularly to discuss issues and best practices in the implementation of the agreement.

The committees meet regularly. It remains to be seen how the EU will position itself next year on the framework agreement under the leadership of the new head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen. Three.b. .