Cessnock City Council Enterprise Agreement

They claim that the employees told them that it was too generous and that they would not vote yes to a deal involving a pay raise. Subsequently, management said their offer would remain the same. The agreement, the first negotiated by the Council with unions in more than eight years, provides for an annual minimum wage increase of 2.5% included in the local Government Award (State) 2017. United Services Union Secretary General Graeme Kelly welcomed the nine-week two-week days, which were seen as an improvement in productivity for the Council. Casey`s management began the meeting with disappointment at the outcome of the last vote. Then they said, “The only reason the deal was denied was because the employees were horrified that they were being offered a pay raise. Nine days fourteen days and ten days of domestic violence leave are key aspects of a new company agreement that includes more than 1,600 Newcastle City Council employees. “It`s a reaction from management to the board that really wants to create a job that drives productivity and results and shows our employees that they are valued,” she said. They claim that the deal was rejected because it was too generous, but they continue to say that they will offer the same thing again. The agreement that has just been ratified includes other flexible working arrangements, such as unpaid leave, additional annual leave, four out of five years of work and working from home. He said many of Newcastle`s neighbouring councils, including Lake Macquarie, Cessnock and Central Coast, had nine days in their company agreements. Kelly said the councils were the “leaders of the industry” under progressive conditions such as the domestic violence holiday and that the union would have a “dark view” of anyone who abuses the system.

The four-year out of five option is available if employees work at 80 per cent of their regular salary for four years. “It allows people to get away from the workplace, where they try to think about work and also think about their problems,” he said. For more information, please contact ASU organizer Darren Dwyer | ddwyer@asuvictas.com.au Leave must allow employees to participate in legal proceedings, obtain advice, move and look after children, and may be taken without prior authorization. Paid domestic violence leave is a provision the USU has negotiated for more than half of its 30,000 members in NSW. Save my name, email address and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Councillor and steward Kevin Burgess said the vacation would make it easier to help employees in difficult circumstances. Your email address will not be published. Mandatory fields are marked * They think their employees feel that a salary increase equal to less than 2 coffees per week is too generous. “They`re doing more work, workers` compensation costs are going down because they`re not going to work on that 10th day,” he said. .

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