Exclusive Use Agreement Mpi

“Rewind two years back. We haven`t been friendly with MPI, but I think we`ve been able to see community areas,” Wainikka CBC News said, adding that they were able to come up with an agreement that “both parties can live with.” Referring to surveys conducted by IBAM and other companies, Wainikka said most consumers do not fully understand concepts such as insurable value, civil liability, vehicle classification, limit values for personal injury protection, etc. Once the agreement is in force, insurance for new vehicles still needs to be done either at a brokerage centre or at an MPI service centre – but some renewals and reassessments could be done online. Clients can log into their accounts and be directed to their previous broker or choose an option to join brokers near them. “That is, customers are free to choose any type of interaction, as they see fit.” MPI had initially proposed the idea of selling auto insurance online in 2019, but was criticized by IBAM, which claimed that offshoring online insurance sales would eliminate its brokerage members from the auto insurance buying process.