Food Cart Space Lease Agreement

403 EATS will assess the problem and make the necessary arrangements for the repair in due course. Failure to maintain the Site under this Lease agreement or the EATS 403 Rules and Regulations is one of the reasons for the termination of this Agreement. The tenant thus releases 403 EATS from all costs, losses or damages caused in the context of such maintenance on the site. @Pinaki M. Did you end up renting part of the parking lot from the Food Truck? I`m in a similar situation and I was wondering how you draw a lease for that. Any feedback based on the experience you have gained so far would be appreciated. Do/Don`ts. I make sure that the mobile food vendors on the ground are self-sufficient, which means they don`t need services (electricity/phone, etc.). The real estate I allow them is on properties with parking, so I check a free online marketplace for the current rental price (leasing) of real estate with improvements such as parking lots in addition to commercial developments. In my case, the average was 0.15 $US per square foot. A food truck estimated about 1000 square feet, at least I could calculate $150. If you are in a first-class situation or have an anchor tenant who is gaining a lot of traffic, you can increase your rent/fee.

Remember if you offer community space maintenance, if your paid parking lights or annual parking maintenance have to pay a portion of these costs. .