What Is A Party Wall Agreement

It contains information and contact details of households and land surveyors of the party walls involved. A third surveyor is also added to the document. This silent expert will act as an intermediary and resolve any dispute that arises. A party wall agreement establishes rules for the ownership and maintenance obligations of a common wall. The purpose of a party wall agreement is to suffer disputes between the parties. In addition to shared walls, a party wall can also refer to a wall attached and adjacent to the property, walls belonging to a single building structure, partitions between neighboring units, and those on the land of two or more owners. The Party Wall Act prevents a neighbor`s construction work from compromising the structural integrity of shared walls or neighboring properties. It is also intended to avoid and resolve possible disputes with neighbors. You have a few options here. First, you can contact your neighbor, listen to their concerns, and try to reach an agreement that satisfies both of you. That is ideal.

A party wall is a wall that sits right on the land border between two (and sometimes more) different owners. Good examples are the walls that separate terraced or semi-detached houses – or the walls that form the border between two gardens (party fence walls). Not all work on party walls requires agreement on party walls. This includes smaller jobs such as internal drilling into the wall to accommodate kitchen units or shelves. Plastering the wall or adding or replacing cables or electrical outlets also does not require agreement. Failure to comply with the Party Wall Act is not a criminal offence. However, your neighbors can take civil action against you, and an injunction could be issued to stop the work until a party wall agreement is agreed, delaying progress. The Party Wall Act 1996 applies to homes in England and Wales and is designed to prevent construction work that could compromise the structural integrity of a shared wall (party wall) or adjacent properties. The Party Wall Act can be used to end disputes between neighbors and resolve them should they occur. While not getting a party wall deal isn`t actually a crime, not only are you violating a “legal obligation,” but you may also have to pay damages that weren`t your fault.

Your neighbor might claim that their property was damaged by your work, and without details or evidence of the previous condition of the property (which a party wall notification would have given you), there`s not much you can do.. .